Bridge ITech (P) Ltd. as previously known as Ridge Infotech was established in 2004, attracts and retains the best IT talents in the industry to develop state of the art IT solutions as per requirements. Bridge ITech espoused by competent manpower, overwhelming infrastructure to provide excellent services across the globe and to take you ahead of times.

Kiosk Software Solutions

Kiosk software is the system and user interface software designed for a kiosk or Internet kiosk. Kiosk software locks down the application in order to protect the kiosk from users. Kiosk software may offer remote monitoring to manage multiple kiosks from another location. Email or text alerts may be automatically sent from the kiosk for daily activity reports or generated in response to problems detected by the software. Other features allow for remote updates of the kiosk's content and the ability to upload data such as kiosk usage statistics. Kiosk software is used to manage a touchscreen, allowing users to touch the monitor screen to make selections. A virtual keyboard eliminates the need for a computer keyboard.


American Center



ERP Solutions India

Commercial Application
1. Manufacturing
2. Supply chain management
3. Project management
4. Retail Outlet


An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an integrated computer-based application used to manage internal and external resources, including tangible assets, financial resources, materials, and human resources. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders. Built on a centralized database and normally utilizing a common computing platform, ERP systems consolidate all business operations into a uniform and enterprise-wide system environment.

Products & Solution

Microsoft Navigen



Telecom Solutions India

Exploring opportunities in the telecom to provide exceptional services at competitive value and cost. We are working with telecom industry from last 5 yrs at their backend office operation i.e CAF management.

Learn more about how we empower:

1. CAF pickup
2. CR2
3. CAF in transit
4. CAF received at Branch and Hub
5. Rejection Tagging Form
6. Data Entry
7. Data Entry Audit
8. Prepaid Filing
9. Prepaid Boxing
10. Prepaid Warehousing
11. Trace Mobile
12. Trace Process
We also do customization as per the requirement. The process vary from vendor to vendor
Successful pharmaceutical and specialty product distribution is our expertise. Partner with us for tools to increase sales and manage risk.
Launch services
Product safety programs
Strategic distribution
Patient adherence programs
Partner with us to reach regional and independent pharmacies with greater ease and consistency.
Marketing programs
Launch services
Distribution strategies
Our suppliers benefit from communication to their targeted sales teams and customers, a prioritized promotional calendar and expanded sales force access and incentives.




CRM Solutions India

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.

Learn more about how we empower:

  • Phases
  • Challenges
  • Types/variations
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Implementation issues
  • Adoption issues
  • Privacy and data security system
  • Market structures
  • Related trends
  1. Sales force automation
  2. Marketing
  3. Customer service and support
  4. Analytics
  5. Integrated/Collaborative
  6. Small business
  7. Social media
  8. Non-profit and membership-based


Microsoft CRM

Open Source CRM